Electronics Manufacturing

Mesh Group's subsidiary, Mesh Robotics, offers SMT (Surface-mount technology) production line services in various volumes – from individual prototypes to large-scale mass production.

Clean room standards are maintained

Static discharge is prevented throughout the production cycle

The total automation capacity makes it possible to reach 80,000 soldered components per hour.

It is possible to mark the manufactured products with a high-resolution fibre laser marking machine (option to integrate marking with external systems, automating the inclusion of special information in the marking).

Correct production task and plan execution control, as well as quality control, ensure component verification and assembly traceability throughout the production process

Upon completing each order's production process, statistics on the execution time of production plan steps and identified imperfections are collected. This ensures continuous improvement of the production process.

Mesh Robotics was founded in 2014. Since its establishment, the company's goal has remained unchanged – to ensure the production of Mesh products in high quality. By stabilizing production processes, gaining experience, and increasing production capacity, since 2023, we have also become open to fulfilling external orders and building a partnership network with partners for whom high production quality criteria are as crucial as they are to us.


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