To date, we have installed about 30,000 Mesh devices. In Latvia, Mesh devices are found in more than 1,000 buildings.

Ministry of Education and Science

Total procurement costs - €3.58M excluding VAT

14,000 devices

Cost - €12 per student

Significantly improved cognitive abilities and health, as well as air quality, for 300,000 children

Paid off in the 1st heating season

Mūkusalas Business Centre

How many people's well-being has been improved (including visitors)?

How many m2? ..m2 of sustainable office spaces

How much CO2 savings in tonnes

Return on investment for the environment in 4 years.

Riga City Council

Our largest and one of the first clients in Latvia. By 2019, 15 public buildings were equipped, whose demonstrated improvements in energy efficiency led to the rapid planned equipping of other buildings – by 2020, 31 educational institutions were already equipped. These buildings ensure a constant temperature of +22 ⁰C during the institutions' operating hours and maintain CO2 levels below 800 PPM.

Jelgava Municipal Council

The Jelgava Municipal Council building is one of many municipal buildings where meeting the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) submitted energy audit plans is crucial. After the installation of the Mesh system, overheating of the building was prevented and heat energy consumption was significantly reduced.

Liepāja City Council

We are truly pleased to be part of the solutions for Latvia's most energy-efficient municipal building infrastructure. Our system helps ensure the monitoring requirements of ERDF projects in overall renovation projects.


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