Smart Energy Efficiency Infrastructure

Our equipment ensures complete control of heating, ventilation, and cooling. It is precise room management based on real-time and historical sensor data, allowing for a smarter and more consistent room climate.



Buildings with our system save 20-50% on heating bills.

Easy to use

Set the desired temperature and it will be restored every workday.

Included in the thermostat price

Our heat management system costs no more than the usual smart thermostats.

Made in the EU

We guarantee the use of high-quality materials.

Environmentally friendly

Every kWh of heat not consumed means less CO2 pollution for the environment.

How it works

A professional solution for public spaces that provides complete control of heating, ventilation, and cooling, facilitating a smarter and more consistent room climate.



The Mesh equipment set ensures building management according to customer-defined conditions and exactly when needed. The equipment design is in line with the latest trends and will fit well in any space.


For the management of our equipment, there is a specially developed easy-to-use website,, which allows for quick changes and easy oversight of all equipment operation.

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