Mesh devices are the primary tool for achieving the set energy efficiency bar. However, to guarantee the quality operation of Mesh systems, human involvement is also necessary. Depending on the possibilities, the service can be performed by the client themselves or Mesh employees. System maintenance is provided according to the service plan chosen by the client.

Eco Plan

A free plan without automatic servicing. Collaboration terms and pricing are discussed: a clear path on how to obtain Mesh assistance when necessary.

The user themselves monitors the data in the system, draws conclusions, and carries out possible actions. The entrepreneur's arrival at the site, data analysis about the object, preventive maintenance, replacing damaged devices, or software updates are provided for an additional fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Standard Plan

Provides remote monitoring of the Mesh BMS control system.

Considering that the implementation and maintenance of ESKO also involve administrative costs, introducing energy service in small projects might not be financially viable. Therefore, it is necessary to initially evaluate the project volumes. We recommend considering the ESKO model for clients:

The client ensures and provides that its employee has the necessary technical knowledge and skills to perform actions maintaining system functionality on-site (replacing power elements, fixing mechanical action deficiencies in radiator valves, and other activities).

Remote diagnostics and problem resolution

Using advanced technologies, we can remotely diagnose and help resolve issues related to the client's HVAC control systems. With the system's help and your involvement, we can reduce the waiting time to solve the problem.

Premium Plan

Provides comprehensive servicing of the Mesh BMS control system.

In addition to the "Standard Plan" services, system maintenance is provided twice a year (once at the beginning of the heating season and again as needed during the heating season). As part of the maintenance, system power elements are replaced without additional charge.

If the client uses rechargeable power elements (batteries) for the system operation on-site, the client is responsible for providing the contractor with available, charged power elements (batteries) for their replacement in the system, in the required quantity and time. In the case of using such rechargeable system power elements, the Contractor provides system maintenance three times a year.

Replacement of damaged system elements, excluding the cost of elements (according to contract terms).

Updating execution documentation (i.e., updating the element placement plan if equipment addresses change, etc.).

On-Site Support

In cases where remote support is not sufficient, our team can provide on-site support. Our qualified technicians will visit you to diagnose, repair, and optimize your HVAC control equipment and software.

Technical support provision for clients and partners, service request registration, and processing:

If none of the solutions have proved to be successful, we would be grateful if you informed us:


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