Collaboration Opportunities

For Distributors

We offer Mesh distributors the opportunity to sign a partnership agreement. For each country, we offer two levels of partnership:

1. Premium Mesh Distributor Status

It's possible to automatically obtain Premium Mesh distributor status if you are the first distributor in a country. If more than one distributor applies in a country, only one can have Premium status. Therefore, the first distributor will be re-evaluated annually based on Mesh product turnover among dealers – the company with the highest turnover will receive Premium status for the next calendar year.

2. Network Dealer Status

To obtain Mesh dealer status, training of at least one installation technician and one support technician is required (one employee may undertake both). The training requires basic computer usage knowledge and technical understanding of heating systems and heat nodes.


Training can be conducted on-site and remotely (on the Zoom platform). In both cases, most of the training will be practical tasks. The first training session could last approximately 4 hours, followed by support as you begin to install the first devices. The total training time will vary depending on the technician trained but usually does not exceed 10-15 hours (for full training). Training fees are charged per instructor hour. If training is conducted on-site, all accommodation and travel costs will be added.

Dealer Discounts

Dealer status grants certain discount levels on all Mesh products. The Premium distributor, as the leading product promoter in the country, receives the maximum discount.

State and Municipal Institutions

We offer our consultation on possible intelligent HVAC control solutions and their predicted savings, as well as jointly implementing projects aimed at improving building energy efficiency.

Manufacturing Services

Mesh Group's subsidiary, Mesh Robotics, offers SMT (Surface-mount technology) production line services in various volumes – from individual prototypes to large-scale mass production.

Product Development Services

We are always open to developing new products. Contact us for the solutions you need for creating and improving building control devices and systems!


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