Energy efficiency – Economy – Ecology

Is it possible to have it all without losing anything? Yes, with appropriate micro-regulation of comfort conditions at room level, you can reduce the energy consumed by HVAC equipment and its costs. Enjoy the environmentally friendly options provided by HVAC equipment control – be energy-efficient without sacrificing comfort!

Mesh is a company that is changing the approach to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning practices. Our latest device and software solutions are designed to reduce environmental impact while maximizing HVAC efficiency. With this approach, we promote a more sustainable and environmentally friendly use of HVAC systems.

Reducing ecological footprint

We offer our consultation on possible intelligent HVAC control solutions and their predicted savings, as well as jointly implementing projects aimed at improving building energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency and optimization

By using advanced software algorithms and creating smart device designs, we strive to improve HVAC system energy efficiency. By optimizing energy consumption and reducing emissions, we help clients save on energy costs while promoting a sustainable future.

Alkaline batteries

Compared to lithium batteries, alkaline batteries are an environmentally friendly choice. They contain fewer harmful components, and their manufacturing and recycling process has a comparatively lower impact on the environment. Recycling alkaline batteries helps recover valuable metals and reduces the demand for new raw materials. All of this significantly reduces the environmental impact associated with the production and recycling of batteries after their lifespan.

Smart and sustainable cooling, heating, and ventilation technologies

Our intelligent HVAC control solutions provide precise and real-time monitoring and control, allowing better management of energy consumption and reducing the overall impact on the environment. The software associated with devices collects and analyses data to optimize HVAC equipment performance, reduce energy wastage, and help clients make informed decisions about energy conservation.

Environmental management and public engagement

Our goal is to engage and educate the public about sustainable HVAC practices, collectively recognize and take responsibility for the environment. We participate in seminars, create collaborations, and are open to various activities aimed at promoting a greener, more sustainable world.


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