Energy Service (ESKO)

A business model common in Western countries, offering clients energy-saving solutions funded by the energy saved. It aids in enhancing energy efficiency in buildings whose owners lack the free capital for investments by assuming the investment risks on behalf of the client and ensuring that the energy efficiency measures will not result in additional costs and will be self-financing!

MESH Energy Service

Mesh Energy Service for Heating (MESH)

Our company provides a risk-free, investment-free opportunity for clients to improve their properties.

A complete service that includes three phases:

Audit, modernization, and service.


Surveying client buildings and identifying any equipment deficiencies needed to provide the service. Mainly using Mesh BMS, but it might also require the replacement or enhancement of ventilation controllers and circulation pumps, and heating system renovation works. Estimation of total costs and potential savings.


The installation of equipment, outfitting buildings with Mesh BMS. Modernization can even occur during the heating season, without interrupting building operations. All tasks performed and devices installed in this stage are considered capital investments in energy efficiency, which will be reimbursed from savings during the service phase.


Providing a long-term heating regulation service:

Building surveying with a thermal camera, offering recommendations;

Adjusting the heating boiler or heat node;

Regulating individual radiators;

Regulating underfloor heating;

Adjusting ventilation equipment;

Delivering all necessary Mesh BMS licenses;

Provision and replacement of Mesh BMS device batteries.

The service is provided for a fixed monthly fee, deducted solely from the savings achieved.

The aim is to ensure consistent comfort conditions within the occupancy of the client's buildings, as specified in the contract.

An essential component of the service is the monthly reports, reflecting the calculations of savings achieved, allowing the client to monitor the efficiency of the energy service.


During the audit, the existing consumption of thermal energy in client buildings is recorded for previous years.

Based on this consumption, a historical cost level is set, which is not to be exceeded.

Once the service phase begins, a monthly report on the difference between the actual consumption and the historical cost level, or in other words, the achieved savings, is prepared for the client.

The savings generated are used to cover the following costs:

The service fee.

The payment for unpaid capital investment interest.

Repayment of the capital investments.

Once the capital investments are fully paid off, points 2 and 3 are eliminated, and the client keeps the savings for itself.

If the capital investments are not cleared during the service contract term, the contract can be extended, or a final bill for the remaining capital investment is issued at the end of the contract.

Client requirements

Considering that the implementation and maintenance of ESKO also involve administrative costs, introducing the energy service in small projects might not be financially viable. Therefore, it is necessary to initially evaluate the project volumes. We recommend considering the ESKO model for clients:

With a total managed property portfolio exceeding 30,000 m2.

With an average thermal energy consumption rate above 100 kWh/m2.

We encourage smaller clients not to shy away from consultation – we will review your properties, and perhaps the costs are not so significant that they cannot be implemented without the financial model of energy service, while the service can be offered similarly to that in the case of energy service.


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